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Frangipani Gemstone Candle

Frangipani Gemstone Candle

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Just like our soap and perfume oil! Our Frangipani candle will fill your space with this beautiful floral aroma.
Reminiscent of the Hawaiian island, floral frangipani/ Plumeria flowers, give off a beautiful soft throw!

9oz tumbler jar

Gemstone in candle. Once Candle is lit focus your intention to it.... the gemstone in the candle will be charged with your intention once the wax burns out. Keep gemstone in your mojo bag, carry with you or add to your collection.
These contain either a large or multiple stones in the wax

Our NON GMO Soy wax Candles are especially crafted with love and intention at the correct moon time and day.

INGREDIENTS: NON GMO Soy wax, Essential oils, Phthalate free fragrance
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