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Forest Nymphs Bath And Body

Rose Water Hydrosol

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4oz glass bottle Our Rose Water is created by the hydrosol method.
Organic Roses are distilled in water, Reiki charged prior to distillation and after. Extra Rose petals may be present in the water and will be pale pink to white. They are infused into the water organically. Also Rose Quartz gemstone chips may be present as this water is charged with Rose Quartz gemstone

LISTING IS FOR 1 bottle only. Size is 4oz Use as a facial toner, in powder based masks, as a refresher and in your magic rituals. After smudging spray you space to put the final seal against negative energy.


Ingredients - distilled water, organic rose petals, organic roses

Gemstone and Reiki charged.
Gemstones Charged with: CLEAR QUARTZ The highest crystal for reversing aging. It improves the clarity of the skin by clearing blemishes, and minor breakouts

AMETHYST This purple beauty is not only good for prosperity , it’s amazing for skincare! It flushes out toxins from the skin naturally ejects stress hormones from the body.

BLACK TOURMALINE Another toxins eliminator assists in removing toxins that clog our facial pores. Protects from pigmentation-related aging processes.

ROSE QUARTZ We use this gem a lot in all our products .... ring the stone of the heart, it increases blood circulation, truly the beauty gemstone.

AQUAMARINE known as the Mermaids stone for its effect of retaining youthfulness it has powerful anti-aging crystals that also increase the production of Elastin and Collagen